More old pictures

Also written in English so the concerned will understand:)

The brothers who owned the gym where I taught aerobics, also the place where I got to know Susan. Rick was actually the first gay man I ever met (that was open about it) and we also became good friends and hung out in many gay bars together with his friends. It was a new experience to go to bars and just dance all night long with men who didn´t expect anything but that dance…

Susan and Big Steve!

Drop dead gorgeous!

Why on earth do I publish this picture???:) Susan had a body to die for, mine was more…well…fat? And if any of my readers even think of the question “Do you have any pics of you in bikini from this century” the answers is yes. But of course I wouldn´t publish them.

She really was like a big sister to me. I wonder what the guy behind us is looking at?

Normally she kissed more good looking men than this;)

I get sentimental by looking at all this old pictures. So many things (good ones but still…) have happened since then. I´m happy to have experienced so much, and I´m happy to be able to talk to you again Susan and John!











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